Monday, September 27, 2010


The little kitty few months ago has grown into an adolescent now. But still as playful as always. I loved to watch her playing with her mummy but that's a rare scene nowadays. I guess that's part of the lifecycle. When kitties reach certain age (or month), it's time for the mother to teach them to be independent.Everytime, when kitty wants to play with her mummy, she is disappointed as the mummy doesn't want to play anymore. Mummy is seldom around also. Not like last time, she's always around to protect little kitty.
I feel sad for the kitty. She seems lonely, confined in the small compound of my house. At times, she will sit at the gate, looking longingly at the world outside. At times, she will venture into the house, exploring each room and playing with anything that she could find. At night, she refuses to go out and hides under the sofa. I guess she wants companion.
She is still a small kitty to me. But I know eventually, she will be able to jump over to the outside world. She will be free but with that, she will be exposed to the harsh world outside. I'm worried for her but I guess, that's how life is.We're protected when we're young, but sooner or later, we will be moving on and we will have to go out there and face challenges. We can't always stay under the wings of our parents.
I wish kitty all the luck in to world. And I hope she knows that the door is always open and she is welcome any time. Be tough kitty...and be smart too...
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