Thursday, January 08, 2015

Grumpy old woman

I think I am doomed to become a grumpy old woman. I am getting grumpier as I age. Sad but true.

Take for example, I get very stressed up at small things nowadays. I cannot wait for things to get done and if it is not up to my standard, I tend to be angry and disappointed. I wasn't like this before.

People used to tell me I am a very patient person.

Like yesterday, I really could not stand the bad service from the shop I am buying lunch, I told her that her service is like shit and cancelled my order. Then, on the way back from work, if we are using the LRT, we have to cross the pedestrian bridge and at the bottom of the staircase, there is a narrow walkway about 2 meters long that can only fit one person. So, it can only be a one way traffic at a time. I was already half way through when this Indian lady from the opposite direction started walking as well. She should have backed out since I was in first. But she didn't. So both of us got stucked in the middle. I said excuse me loudly but she ignored it. WTF..I really wanted to tell her off but there are people waiting behind me. No choice, I have to squeeze my way through. In the process, I pushed her against the wall. I don't care.

See, my patience is getting thinner.

I really hope I don't become a grumpy old woman. Change of mindset and attitude...
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