Friday, January 04, 2013

Wardrobe makeover!

I am a hoarder. I think I blogged about this quite some time ago.
I find it very hard to throw things away. I have this mentality that it might be of use next time, so just keep it for a little while more. I end up taking more and more space. (Can you imagine I still have clothes back from college days?)
So, I will have a wardrobe makeover tomorrow! :p
A few tips taken from's blog:

Declutter All the Way
“It’s said that clothing, like other areas in life, follows the 80-20 rule -- we wear 20 percent of our wardrobe 80 percent of the time,” says Peter Walsh, professional organizer and author of de-cluttering books, including How to Organize Just About Everything: More than 500 Step-by-Step Instructions for Everything from Organizing Your Closets to Planning A Wedding to Creating a Flawless Filing System and Enough Already!: Clearing Mental Clutter to Become the Best You.
To keep a tidy, well-edited closet, Walsh says the solution is very simple: “You only have the space you have, and you need to work within the limits of your physical space. You can only have as many pairs of jeans as will hang reasonably in your closet.”
Dress for Now
Start by tossing anything that no longer fits, or does nothing to flatter your body. Apart from old jeans (or baggy cargos), this includes dresses, tank tops and blouses that you hope to wear when you “lose 5 pounds” or “get to the gym.”
“If you’ve kept a lot of clothes for several years because you think they may fit again, choose just one favorite piece as an incentive and get rid of the rest,” advises Walsh. “When you shed those pounds, reward yourself with a new wardrobe.”
Pare It Down … With a Friend
It’s not uncommon to hold on to items that have sentimental value, reminding you of a happy moment or a milestone in life. What you sometimes don’t realize is that over time, these pieces actually age, but because of the emotional attachment, you become oblivious to the fact that the ends have frayed, the fabric has thinned and the whole piece has actually become dated. This is a good time to ask a friend for a second opinion and a fresh take on older items. A stylish, or at least honest, gal pal can let you know that that white linen button-down with the puffy bell sleeves -- the one that got you that first job -- has actually yellowed and may no longer be appropriate.
Another benefit of paring down one’s closet is that having key pieces that fit and flatter make getting dressed every day a breeze. Do this at regular intervals throughout the year. Also, for every item you purchase, discard something or donate it to charity and you’ll reap the benefits of an always stylish, clutter-free wardrobe.
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