Friday, January 18, 2013

Pullman Putrajaya

We spent a weekend at Pullman Putrajaya recently. Supposedly to have an enjoyable pre-birthday but really disappointed with the hotel.
Maybe I got pickier as I grow older. 
But judge for yourself:

1. Room has a kind of smell….yucks…
2. Stains on the pillow from God know what…ewwwww….
3. No selection of pillows/extra pillow/blanket. Not acceptable for a 5-star hotel
4. Stains on table top, on the bathroom basin and on the balcony
5. No welcome drink
6. Game room that sucks - I don't even know why it's there...but we did enjoyed the pool table…I still can kick some ass
7. Small swimming pool
8. Limited facilities in the room - the minibar is not even filled up...(well, not that I will buy anything from there but still....)

And it’s a 5-star hotel which is only 4 years old. How can it be so badly maintained? 
Also, every facility need payment - bicycles, karaoke, courts.

But we enjoyed a good dinner at Padi in Cyberjaya, reminiscing on the old days and how we first met there. Then, I satisfied my craving for Bak Kut Teh at the shop in Dengkil. Sadly, the boss didn’t recognize us anymore. 

But spending some quiet and quality time with someone I love is what made the weekend not so bad...

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