Thursday, January 03, 2013

Happy birthday, Mum...

My mum says that today is not the actual day she was born. Back in those days, registering a new born is not so easy. Government offices are often too far away from villages. Thus, babies might only get their birth cert days or weeks after they were born.
My mum is not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. From young, she has to help out in the house and tap rubber at a tender age to make ends meet. When she was a baby, she nearly didn't survive due a large infected growth at the side of her face. Till now, the scar can still be seen.
She does not have the luxury of getting new clothes for Chinese New Year not getting enough to eat. She didn't gett he privilege to go to school like all of us.
Mum likes to tell us stories about her childhood. Yes, they may be poor but I can feel her joy and happiness when they (she and her sister) explored the jungle, swam in rivers, ate all the wild durians and fruits till their stomach can't hold anymore.
I can't imagine the hardship she went through as I have not experienced it.
Mum, although you always nag and is a control freak at times, you'll always be the queen of my heart.

I LOVE YOU! and happy birthday!


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