Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wedding nightmare, literally

So, I had a nightmare the other night.

It felt so real and intense. It was the BIG day. I was there together with my bunch of ‘chi muis’ and relatives. It was a chaotic morning. Soon the groom arrives and the games begin. Luckily, all went well for this part. But nearing the end of the games session, I looked into the mirror. To my horror, I realise that I haven’t got my make-up done! I look like s***!

My make-up artist is nowhere to be seen and after calling her a few times, she finally arrives. Same goes for my photographer. So that means no one took any pictures of the games session. :( The guests have arrived. My friends and family is doing their best to entertain them while I get fixed up.

Panicking, I then realised that I left something really important at home. I don’t recall what it was but it sent me rushing back to my house (yeah, weirdly, I am not ta home). The absurd thing is I attempted to walk back.

In my wedding gown and shoes.

Under the hot sun.

With cars passing by and people staring.

Not a good idea.

I attempted half way and the house is further than what I thought. I gave up and just sat there at the roadside. The nightmare ended abruptly there.

Not sure if I’m having cold feet or what, at times, I just feel that it’s so complicated to run the show. I kind of regretted that I've agree to have a wedding luncheon. It could have been much easier to do it small scale with just close relatives and friends.

There's so many things on my mind that I am mentally drained at times.

So far, not everything is going according to what I have in mind initially. Many things I have planned ended up not how I wanted it to be. My diet plans, my gown, my pictures...Sigh, I could have been more fussy but it’s so tiring. Maybe I just need to chillax and let it be. As long as it goes smoothly on the day itself, I am happy enough.

And so, 6 more weeks and counting down…

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