Monday, August 13, 2012

My Ah Pa

I went to the clinic after work today to collect some medicine for mum but silly me, I forgot her registration card number. As I was trying to describe her to the nurse, I mentioned that her file should be attached to my dad's file. When I mentioned my dad's name, she immediately remembers him. And she goes on complimenting my dad on being the nicest person, always so polite and funny. She mentioned something that touched my heart. She said that 'I can remember uncle not because he is handsome or because he is rich. I remember him as he is always so polite and lights up our day when he comes here.'
That's my dad. 
This brings me back to the incident when my dad sprained his ankle a couple of months ago. When I accompany my mum to the market here, everyone will ask about him. Asking why he didn't come out to the market for few days dy. Young or old, they said they missed his jokes and teasing. 
Yup, that's my dad. 
When I was younger, I used to wish that my dad is younger when my parents had me. I wished for that so I do have to bear the household incomes so soon. I know I am selfish. But I no longer thinks like that. I am proud of my dad as he has shown me much all these years, thought not directly but through his way of working things out.
For as long as I know, my dad is the most dedicated and loyal employee. When he was still working, I think he hasn't taken one day of MC. I used to feel ashamed when I take MC because I have a slight headache or a slight tummyache. He always say that we should not procrastinate (which I failed miserably).
My dad is the most routine based person I know. Sleeps and wakes up the same time. Eats bread with butter and jam every morning. Walks to the market be it rain or shine. I kinda admire that quality in him.
So, dedicating this post to Pa....Hoping you'll stay strong and healthy and happy.

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