Tuesday, March 13, 2012

hangat hangat tahi ayam

Dear readers,

Sorry for the hiatus. I've been a little busy, or rather, a little lazy to post anything. I guess that publishing a post a day is too much of a chore. I'll still try but I know sooner or later, I'll be too occupied with work and with personal stuff. Or I'll just be too plain lazy. Well, that's me. I started something with much gung ho, only to slack as time goes on. In Malay's idiom, hangat hangat tahi ayam.
I ran my first run for 2012 last Sunday. Only a 10km run. But this time, I really feel it's taking a toll on me. Running strong at first, I begin to lose focus after the 5km mark. Stopping occasionally to catch my breath, I clocked one of the worse time for all the 10km runs I've participated. I blame it on lack of training but deep down, I know my metabolism is slowing down (aka getting old). LoL...
I've thought of running a full marathon but it's quite a challenging task to do now. Should have done it couple of years ago.
Lately, I've succumbed to peer pressure as I'm a member of the running club in my office. With everyone running a 21km or full marathon, I feel left out. But I'm no athletic person and I know my limit.
And running last Sunday's run, I know that I don't have the fitness level nor the mentality to do a full marathon.
But who knows, maybe one day....one day.....(in the far future)....
And I need morale support!!
Anyway, enough of blaberring. Till my next post (hopefully tomorrow), take care and enjoy your day!

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