Monday, February 27, 2012

If I were a boy

I would fall in love with Korean girls too!


I was in the US embassy this morning. A bunch of Korean girls (5 of them) were sitting in front of me. They are about mid 20's to early 30's I think.
All of them are so nicely dolled up. They have such fair and flawless looking skin. Well, they do wear make up but it's not the heavy type. Looks natural with long lashes and soft pinkish lips. They were elegantly attired, with dresses and blouses/skirts that are not over the top. Just casual enough for a normal day out with friends.

I were a boy, I'm sure I can't keep my eyes off them.
Not only that, they were so soft spoken and well-mannered. Each time, when one of their number is called, they will politely excuse themselves with a little bow and nod of head to the read. When they laugh, they will shyly covered their mouth. Sigh, such delicate creatures.

No wonder guys go ga ga over them.

**All photos are taken from the internet for illustration purposes.
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