Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food:Sweet Chatz

Sweet Chatz is actually a dessert chain managed by The Chicken Rice Shop Management. It was opened a few years back I think. This is the second time I've tried their food and it's not disappointing at all. I still remember I had the durian pancake last time and it was good. But their items are a bit pricey though.
This time I had:
Pulut + durian with coconut milk
I love this combination. The durian tastes yummy. Creamy and frangrant. It's a fattening combination but once a while won't hurt, right?

Nasi Kunyit with curry chicken

The nasi kunyit has just the right texture. Neither too soft nor too hard. Eaten with the curry chicken, it's very satisfying. The curry is not too spicy, has thick gravy and just nice for the rice.
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