Saturday, January 02, 2016

2016 for better or worse?

Second day to year 2016. How time flies. I have this sudden urge to pen down a few words here. No, not for new year resolutions. Haven't had any since few years back.
New year means new beginning for many. It means a chance for us to throw away all the bad things and give ourselves a clean slate to start anew.
Yes, I am guilty of thinking like that. But in reality, everyday can be a new year. Everyday can be a fresh start.
Let's rewind a bit to 2015. A year of ups and downs. I have things to be grateful and things that I can't wait to flush out. I am grateful I still have a job, given the turbulence in the industry now but yet, I resent my job at times. I am grateful to have spent quality time with family, friends and loved ones but yet, I wish I had a chance to travel for work to a faraway land. I am grateful to have some holidays but I could have planned for a longer and more adventurous travel. I am grateful for good health but yet, I feel disappointed that we have not got what we hope for 2015.
So, ups and downs.
Year 2016 will be a challenging year. I can foresee that. Am I geared up to face it? Time will tell.
Happy New Year peeps and stay strong.

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