Thursday, October 10, 2013

What a rush!

One lesson from the previous weekend, always have a plan B.

The story goes like this.

Saturday morning, I am to go on a day trip and the booking confirmation mail says that I need to be there latest by 8.45am. From the hotel to Central London, the whole travel duration will take about 1 hour. I went out after breakfast at about 650am to catch the 7am train. If it's going as planned, I will reach the bus station for the departure of the tour before 815am.

I have checked the train service and it is working fine. So, I waited and waited, the train was late by 20 minutes. No worries, because I have plenty of time to spare. Happily boarding the train and trying to catch some zzzz...A few stations after, barely half way, it stopped. Service interuption. Well, no worries yet. It might just take a while. It edge slowly into the nearest station. And it is stuck for another 15 minutes.

By that time it was almost 750am. I thought, I can't risk it by sitting here. I got down, exited the station and try to hail a cab. There is none! It is still very early. So I thought I will call the cab service number I have (smart that I have one with me). And *toot*, as luck would have it, they don't provide service to that area.

Ok, so I thought I might just hop back on the train, hoping that it will be on its way very soon. By 815am, I am a bit panicky. Still at the same location. I called the tour and asked to change my travel date but no luck as any changes should be 24 hours before. I was losing hope and thinking I will not be able to make it for the tour anymore. The kind lady told me I can still make it as the bus only leaves at 9am. That gave me renewed hope.

I ran out and asked around a few times and finally (FINALLY!) I found a cab. I was telling the driver in panic mode that I need to make it to the bus station in 15 mins. Drive as fast as he can and I am willing to pay tips. He said he will try, as it takes at least 20-25 minutes. I was just praying (haha, as if i know how to) and keeping my fingers crossed through the whole journey.

The driver was good and he said I am very lucky as the traffic turns green everytime. Wll, if I am lucky, I wouldn't be in this situation. And yeah, I made it 5 minutes before 9am and boarded the bus. Phewww.........

But I don't have time to visit the loo, thus, I have to hold it for an hour. LOL...but one just can't ask too much, can they? I made it anyway!

There it is, my amazing race adventure for the morning.
Will keep the rest of the tour for another day.

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