Sunday, May 05, 2013

050513 PRU

I bet every Malaysian is somehow affected by the GE this time round.
It's really a different atmosphere from what I remembered from the previous times. GE3 packs more flavour, feels a lot more intense, has more 'interesting' things happening...and a lot more young voters! Bravo young generation! (however, thope you guys are not just doing it out of peer pressure and influence from others....)
It is really a pity to see violence on the street even before the polling ends. Come on people, be more civilized  What will happen after tonight, we'll soon find out.
I have to admit, I am not the most patriotic person around. If you ask me, I feel that every government, current or not, will have its flaw. But I do hope there will be a change this time round.
Whoever has more votes doesn't mean they're more popular/wiser. And vice versa. Hope that everyone will take it as a lesson learnt. Another 5 years to prove credibility and give the best for the people.
I do hope to see a better future for our next generation. I hate to see the city being colonized by foreigners. I went to Kotaraya area not long ago and seriously, I have never felt so unsafe and foreign in my own country!
To a better Malaysia!

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Unknown said...

The elections is this year, and not last year. :-)