Friday, November 12, 2010

tik tok tik tok

Tik tok tik tok....1 more hour to the weekend!!! I'm so sleepy........Yawn....

Have you noticed that it's hard to not focus at the mouth of a person that you are talking to face to face, especially if that person has a wide mouth with white pearly teeth and a big smile?

Well, which part do you focus most when talking with a person? The eye? The face in general? I find it hard to look directly in the eyes when talking to certain people...Not sure why though. Mayeb those people make me nervous.
These past 2 weeks have been interesting. Met a lot of interesting people that I still cannot remember their names. And got numerous comments about me not looking like a Chinese. I think I need to bleach myself fairer and change my facial features to be more Chinese - smaller, slanted eyes or maybe flatter nose...(no offense...:P)

I still find it hard to be outspoken. I am more of an observer. I can be chatty once you get to know me but I'm not someone who will initiate a conversation unless necessary. Need to practise more and more as communication is the only way that can help me improve my way of working. But of course not till the extend of being annoying and being perceived as trying to be my boss' pet.

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