Friday, November 12, 2010

it's important to eat breakfast

It was one early Saturday morning. Had to wake up early for a pre-employment medical check-up in KLCC. We parked our car at an open air parking near Ampang Park because it's cheaper. I was rather hungry as I had to fast the night before. Cracking our brains on what to eat, when I saw the place, I knew that I wanted a good, sumptious meal of nasi kandar for breakfast. I can't wait for the check up to finish (*hopes the doctor didn't hear my stomach growling*). Immediately after that, we walked towards Nasi Kandar Pelita. It was barely 10am but the place is already crowded. People from all races were enjoying a good old plate of nasi kandar with the variety of curry and meat. I really enjoyed mine. I still prefer nasi lemak anytime but I guess it's who you're eating with that matters. It was a wonderful morning with my dear and a plate of nasi kandar+ayam goreng+mutton curry+vege+ teh ais. *burppp*

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