Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taken for granted

We take things for granted. We have much more than some people, yet we still complain that we don't have enough.
From the conversation with a 'kak' from my office, I was quite surprised to find out that her house doesn't have electricity. She's living in Dengkil, which I thought is quite developed, in a orang asli 'perkampungan'. Every morning, she comes to work before 7am and goes back at 6pm. Once home, she needs to do house chores using 'pelita'. She's just living with rare necessity yet, she didn't complain.
This makes me feel ashamed. Nevermind that I didn't appreciate the luxury I have, but I still feel dissatisfied. When there's blackout, I will be the first to call TNB. I will feel restless not being able to use my PC. I will twist and turn as the weather is too hot to sleep.

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