Saturday, July 16, 2005


Yes, went to Melaka last weekend...AGAIN....This time with a few close colleagues and we had a blast of a time....Summary as per below:

9th July

8.30 am- Started our journey. Lateness due to Ms Ain...
11.00 am- Reached Melaka after laughing all the way. Surveyed for some hotels but all not up to our standard (or simply too expensive :P). Finally, settle for Straits Meridien, where I stayed before.
12.00 am- Went to town to surveyed the food and CENDOL. Finally, I had a taste of Melaka Cendol again. With lots of GULA MELAKA....Delicious.....Went to all the famous historical attractions. Highlights are:
a) A Chinese tourist wanted to take picture of Hema because he thinks Hema is very unique and pretty...ahahahaah
b) A f***er talking obscene things to us when we were at the fort
c) Took pictures with the albino python and the iguana. It was cool and I actually like the feeling of it on my shoulder....So COOL....
4.00 pm- Went back to hotel to refresh (or rather sleep)
7.00 pm- Went to town again. Had dinner in front of the Church and then shopping time at JONKER's walk....Nice, cheap stuff and I bought the wooden bag I always wanted.
10.30 pm- Depart to Mahkota Parade for the midnite show- AMITYVILLE HORROR. not a bad movie, scary also...
4.00 Sleep (we were chit chatting till that time)

10th july

8.00 am- Woke up while therest still sleeping...
11.00 am- Yvonne cme and brought us to the famous chicken rice shop and famous Nyonya Cendol. Great Nyonya Curry they have and the restaurant is so unique.
2.00pm- Went around town one last time before departing home
3.00pm- decided to go to JJ at Ayer Keroh and bought some clothes and shoes....ahahah...come to think of it, we went all the way there to shop?
7.00pm- Reach KL safe and soiund and damn tired....

It has been a great journey with friends I have met less than 7 mths...Sharing our jokes and chit chatting till late...Thanks gals for amking this trip a fantastic one....

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