Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good bye 2013 and hello 2014!

Ello everyone...
Before the clock strikes 12 tonight, it's customary to write a post in this much abandoned blog. Sorry blog...There's so much I wanted to write at times but when I am sitting down in front of the screen, I just don't know how to put my thoughts to words.
2013 kick started without any resolutions. I figured that if I can't fulfill them, why bother making any? But towards end of the year, I feel that I do not have anything to measure the year by. What have I accomplished this year? What milestones have I achieved?
Looking back, there's nothing particularly interesting happened for the year.
It's basically work, work, work and more work.
2013 is more of a year for reflection. I've met some inspiring people that I secretly wish I can be more like them. I always think that I am a simple person who wants a simple life. But am I?
For 2014, my only resolution is to be a better person. Looks simple in words but not at all an easy feat. A better person is very generically termed. I guess I don't have any specific measures but just strive to be better in EVERYTHING I do (yes, work included). I am someone who starts something with very high enthusiasm but will get bored easily. Hence, many things gets done in a haste and not giving it my 100%. I want to change that.
So, happy new year everyone. Hope 2014 will be a better year.

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