Friday, March 29, 2013

Good samaritan

It's Good Friday and I've met a good Samaritan.
I was in MV on a Friday lunch. And if one has experienced it, one would know that the parking is normally all FULL at that hour. So, we were circling the parking lot for almost 20 mins. From afar, we saw a girl coming out from the entrance/exit to the mall thus we slowed down in hope that she's parking somewhere near and we'll be able to take her lot. She saw us, and pointed to us where her car was parked. It was on the other lane and our hope went down the drain as we know by the time we turn to the other row, there will be cars waiting for the spot.
And indeed, when I turn into the next row, cars are waiting for her spot. And what touched my heart is she was standing in front of her car and she waited for us. She waved and asked us to take her spot. I asked my sis to go down to thank her. I am really touched by her action. It's nothing much but it's not something we can experience everyday.
The world needs more people like this kind girl. Thanks so much!

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