Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fabulous food hunt...not!

A first time for us and we all agreed that there will be no next time.We love eating very much but if it's eating under pressure and the food is crappy, it's a totally the opposite feeling.
 There's a story behind the name of our team...:P

In awe

For the hunt, we have to go around KL using public transportation and complete eating challenges.
We were very eager to start as we're anticipating good food and fun but from the very first challenge, I know it's not going to be fun.

Here are some of the challenges that we did (one person for one challenge):
1) Eat 3 pieces of roti canai (rock hard) and down a cup of teh tarik

Roti canai challenge

 We have to pose with sign boards too!
2) Finish 10 sticks of satay (which is yummy for CY as it's her first challenge for the day!)
 Satay challenge
3) Finish 4 sticks of 'lok lok' 
FL enjoying her steamboat
4) Down one plate of chicken rice (with a lot of rice!) and a glass orange juice
5) Finish a plate of mee rebus (which sucks!) and a big bowl of cendol
6) Eat a plate of white rice with grilled fish with some weird looking raw vege and jering (malay style rice)
 7) Eat 2 packs of nasi lemak with two eggs
 That's a lot of rice!
When we reach the 8th challenge, we're full up to our neck. Fortunately, we don't have to complete the 8th and 9th challenge as they've had the first 20 teams arrived. So automatically we're out of the game. 
This is a game for big and fast eaters. 

Dua sentral - our finishing point
Well, the day ended on a positive note though. It's a funny story for another day. Stay tuned!
View from rooftop

PS : girls, when are we claiming our 'free' coffee?? :P

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