Saturday, October 06, 2012

Here it is....

Few hours to go....and I am feeling so restless now...(hope the cough syrup will knock me out later...)
Just yesterday, my bunch of chi muis asked how I feel. I bravely told everyone that surprisingly I feel very calm and not having any butterflies in my stomach...I can't say the same at this moment. Mixed feelings-nervous, anxious, reluctant, happy, name it.
I also confidently announced that I won't be crying tomorrow as I am not leaving my family. But I so feel like crying now. I know I will miss my mum. Although we said that nothing much will change, but it does. I know I will always be mum's little girl.
(s*** i can't cry now as my eyes will be swollen tomorrow)
So, this is it. No more cold feet, no more saying that I'm not ready, no more backing out.
Hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow. (fingers crossed). X

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