Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Who says wedding is an affair for two people?
If I get to choose, I'll do it differently. Now, don't get me wrong. Everything is going smoothly (I think), just that, maybe I'm getting nervous for the big day. Too many people = chaos. IF I get to do it again from the start, it'll only be a small event with close relatives and friends (not more than 50pax) on a beach or a garden wedding. That's my dream wedding.
We're still getting info here and there on what to buy, what to prepare, what to do on the day, etc. The dtae seems still far but yet, there's not a lot of weekends left to prepare. *panic mode*
And I'm quite disappointed with my wedding pics! Sigh, if only I can do it all over again.
I know it's supposed to be a happy occasion. Maybe I am thinking too much. I should try to enjoy the process rather than worry one the outcome.

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